Take the Pledge is KNSWB’s mass community awareness and engagement campaign. Through Take the Pledge we endeavour to spread a simple message to a critical mass of NSW citizens, visitors and tourists in pursuit of a litter-free society.

The campaign engages members of the public through the act of pledging – online or in person – to ‘keep New South Wales Beautiful by not littering.’

Take the Pledge 2015: How does it work?

This year, we’re taking the message into the whole of NSW. Our parklands, highway roadsides, parks, campgrounds, backyards, rivers, creeks, and yes, our beaches, all need protection and just a little mindfulness.

We’re going to take to social media (and the wider media!) to encourage NSW residents and visitors to demonstrate their commitment to keeping NSW Beautiful by taking the pledge not to litter at takethepledge.com.au .

Why do we pledge and share: does it help?

Take the Pledge employs CBSM – Community Based Social Marketing – to work on increasing behavioural change. CBSM at a tool is at its most potent when it has a narrow and clearly-defined focus; when research and planning has identified not the specific behaviour to target but rather the obstacles that surround it.

By asking NSW residents to commit to not littering during the holidays, Take The Pledge is targeting the obstacle that, despite realising that littering is ‘the wrong thing to do’, many people will still litter. The program incentivises positive behaviour with the sense of having done something good, and giving themselves something to share (that will positively influence their online persona). Take The Pledge also affixes personal accountability to holidaying behaviour by providing a pledge to sign: a symbol of a commitment that is easy to keep while encouraging mindfulness around the litter issue.

Join us on social media!

From November 1st, why not post a picture of your favourite outdoor space with a link to our Take the Pledge website, encouraging people to keep our favourite, most cherished spots beautiful? We’re going to be doing this every day, as well as reaching out to local and national influencers to help us spread our message.

When you get on board, tag us in and follow us! We’ll make sure your favourite spots are seen and appreciated by our thousands of followers.

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Want to join in but not sure what to say?

  • Take a picture of your favourite spot! Tell us where it is!
  • “Celebrate the holiday season in our beautiful outdoors, but take your rubbish home with you. Take the pledge not to litter over the silly season.”
  • “Show visitors to NSW its real beauty: take the pledge not to litter.”

Remember to link to Take the Pledge, and tag us or the hashtag #litterpledge to get in on the wider conversation!