Why take the pledge?

How “Take the Pledge” works

Pledging works. The simple act of signing your name has a powerful positive effect on your actions.

Intention is one thing, action is another. The cause/effect is not always straightforward. When intention is backed up with a written pledge, though, the pledger is more likely to follow through with their promise.

Sharing via social media reinforces this. Declaring to your networks that you’re aligning yourself to a campaign makes the cause part of your identity. Once you’ve defined yourself as the kind of person who doesn’t litter you have more reason to keep your promise than a verbal promise or internal intention. This is why campaigns that involve personal commitment often have a strong element of sharing in them: it not only helps spread the message, but it backs up those who are already taking part.

Research shows that the nature of social networks means we tend to stick to our word about what we’ve promised to do.

Fulfilling your Pledge not to litter is so easy, all you have to do is take your litter with you.

Leave the beach as you found it, and keep it this way for others to come. Tomorrow, next weekend, next year and into the future.

What Keep NSW Beautiful Achieves

Keep NSW Beautiful works to protect and enhance NSW environments with the help of community organisations and grassroots actions.

Since 1975 we have been committed to excellence in environmental education, support and enhancement. As an independence not –for-profit organisation we work with local governments, schools, businesses and community groups to encourage a state-wide network of dedicated individuals who strive to deliver a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Take the Pledge is our newest initiative. We also run a range of other programs that help build community investment in a better environment in NSW. Visit our website to find out more about them.

And join us on Saturday November 1st and help people promise not to leave litter on the beach.